Q: What programs do the Boys & Girls Club of Cleveland County offer?
A: The Club has a wide variety of programs for pre-teens and teens designed to enrich the lives of our kids in five comprehensive categories: character and leadership development; education and career development; health and life skills; the arts; sports, fitness and recreation.

Q: What do these programs include?
A: The range of Club programs, activities and services include educational support, tutoring, mentoring, career counseling, computer training, fine arts, athletics, before-school and after-school environments, and meals.

Q: How much does an annual membership cost?
A: Only $50 per year gives a child a safe haven, delivering programs, activities and mentoring.

Q: Is the Club for all children?
A: Yes. Our doors are always open to all children who come here in search of a positive place to make friends while learning and playing.

Q: Who are the kids that join the Club?
A: Our kids come from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. 78 percent of the Club's youth come from single-parent families; we are here to help regardless of a family's level of need.

Q: Do the younger and older Club members interact with each other?
A: While supervised opportunities do exist for mentoring, role-modeling, and more, the Boys & Girls Club of Cleveland County is fortunate to have program areas designed specifically for pre-teen and teen members.

Q: How many children does the Boys & Girls Club of Cleveland County serve?
A: The Club serves more than 400 local children and their families.

Q: How does the Club experience help children?
A: The Club's primary goal is helping children to succeed in life by building skills and behaviors that will encourage them to become productive, responsible and caring citizens.

Q: When did the Club begin?
A: Founded in 1966, the Club has established a tradition of caring and supportive involvement with Cleveland County youth and their families.

Q: Where is the Club?
A: Boys and Girls Club of Cleveland County is located at 412 West Sumter Street Shelby, NC 28150-4327 (704) 482-CLUB (2582)
Q: Where does the Club get its funding?
A: The Club, an independent non-profit organization, relies on the generosity of individuals, businesses and foundations who donate money as well as time, expertise and knowledge.

Q: Do people remain connected to the Club?
A: Many do. The Club has alums numbering in the tens of thousands, living locally and across the country. Today, many of them are still involved in assisting the Club through service on boards and committees and through financial support. In fact, if you are an alumnus of a Boys & Girls Club, let us know how you are doing. You can email the Club: JoshP@bgcclevelandcounty.org