Growing up in today’s world is not easy for anyone, but for many kids in our community it is tougher than you might think. For over 40 years the Boys & Girls Club of Cleveland County has been focused on youth development, working with young people who need the Club most.
This year our annual campaign, It Just Takes One! Has a goal of $55,000. Don’t think of that dollar amount, think of the 55 children that will be helped by the Club. We know that it takes one caring adult to make a lasting difference in the life of a child. Concentrating on youth who need us the most, our Club provides programs in education, health, career exploration, the arts, sports and fitness and recreation. Most importantly, we are specializing in character development. Every day, staff members at the Club provide guidance and help youth develop the attitudes, skills, values, and behaviors that enable them to succeed in life.
We purposely keep our dues low so that all young people will have the opportunity to join. You can help create this opportunity – to develop relationships with caring professionals and to experience programs that build character – by making a financial contribution to our Club in 2015.
$1,000 will sponsor a child for the entire year in both of our programs
$600 in the After School Program with the focus of homework help
$400 to be a camper in the Jack & Ruth Schweppe Summer Day Camp. Support the Club at any level you can.
You can be the one – you can make a difference. The funds raised in this campaign will be used for programs that give kids the opportunities to develop into caring, successful contributors in our community.
Please consider making a generous contribution today.

Volunteer at Boy & Girls Club

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Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland County welcomes individuals in the community who want to support our efforts through volunteering. If you are sincerely interested in inspiring, motivating, and impacting young lives, then the Boys & Girls Club is the place for you! We offer volunteer opportunities in the areas of tutoring, mentoring, coaching, special events, programming assistance, administrative support, and more.
In order to become a volunteer you must:
1) Be at least 18 years of age
2) Register online for a Club orientation - orientations are provided one on one, by the Program Director.
3) Complete a volunteer application and background check. Once you have attended an orientation session you will be provided a volunteer application on site.
4) Volunteer Notification - after your background check is complete, you will be notified of your status.

* We understand that some schools require students to complete a minimum number of community service hours for graduation and course completion. We do offer some limited volunteer opportunities for students who are interested in performing their service with Boys & Girls Club. For more information on these opportunities send a request to
If you have any questions, please email Mary Pass, our Program Director at

Wish List

School supplies (pencils, paper, book bags, etc.)
Playground equipment
Outdoor tables and chairs
7 Passenger Mini-van
Commercial refrigerator
Commercial Freezer
DVD Player
Television for Video Game Rewards (28” and above)
Wet Shop Vacuum
Portable P. A. System
Office Furniture
Youth Sports Equipment
Board & Table Equipment
Craft Supplies
Art Supplies
Cooking & Kitchen Supplies
Cleaning Supplies
Paper Supplies (Paper Towels, Toilet Tissue, Cups, Plates)
Group Books for Varied Ages
Storage Shelves
Folding Tables
Folding Chairs
Personal Hygiene Items for Boys & Girls
Laptop Computer (For Program Staff)
Program Volunteers
Pre-packaged Snacks