Summer Day Camp Named to Honor Jack & Ruth Schweppe

The Summer Day Camp Program has been named in memory of Jack Schweppe, the first plant manager at PPG Industries and a driving force in having a Boys & Girls Club program. This January, Ruth Schweppe, wife of Jack and a long time supporter passed away. The Board of Directors changed the name of the day camp to the Jack & Ruth Schweppe Summer Day Camp. The summer day camp program offers youngsters a full day of activities that include physical recreation, trips to the library, arts and crafts, field trips, and career awareness programs.
Highlights from the 2011 Summer Camp
Over 140 youngsters participated in the Jack & Ruth Schweppe Summer Day Camp Program. During the nine weeks of camp, youngsters could participate in field trips and programs and activities that included:
o Library Reading Program
o Street Smart anti-gang program
o Shelby Fire Department Field Trip
o Shelby Post Office Field Trip
o Computer Lab at Graham Elementary
o Believe In Abilities Arts and Crafts Program
o Participate in the Camp Pavilion Program in Polk County
o Petting Farm Trip
o Swimming, riding the carousel and train at City Park
o Sport and cheerleading camps within the Summer Day Camp program.

The last week of camp included a fun day when campers were playing in tournaments, games, and enjoying the inflatable castle in the gym.

Street Smart

“Street SMART” is a National Program from Boys & Girls Clubs of America. It is a gang and violence prevention program designed to help adolescents ages 11-13 successfully identify, resist and resolve negative conflict, demonstrate tolerance, value diversity and perhaps prevent and reduce violence in our community. In addition to offering a four module curriculum, the “Street SMART” program provides youth with the opportunity to organize and execute events that celebrate anti-gang, anti-violence themes. It is an interactive, curriculum based program that significantly contributes to the development of the capacities young people need upon entering adulthood. These capacities include a positive self-identity, a healthy lifestyle, social competency, positive values and a commitment to learning. “Street SMART” is conducted in both our After School and Summer Day Camp Programs to youth in the targe4t age group.

Smart Moves

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“Smart Moves” is a National Program from Boys & Girls Clubs of America.
“Smart Moves” is a National Program from Boys & Girls Clubs of America. It is an invaluable tool in our efforts to help our members avoid the four most immediate threats to their well-being: alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and teen pregnancy. The “Smart Moves” Program has been scientifically evaluated and it’s results documented. We know it works by exposing young people to protective factors that promote positive behaviors, health, well-being and personal success. With protective factors in place, young people have the tools to overcome the many challenges they face in their daily lives. The “Smart Moves” Program is broken into the following components:

“Smart Kids”
Ages 6-9
“Start Smart”
Ages 10-12
“Stay Smart”
Ages 13-15
All components address age appropriate issues and provide information and skills that youth need to adopt, including the attitudes and behaviors of healthy lifestyles and positive character development. “Smart Moves” is conducted in both our After School and Summer Day Camp Programs.

After School

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To help reach our academic objectives throughout the school year, we run a daily homework help and tutoring program called “Power Hour”. This is based on the format of the National Boys & Girls club homework help program. Staff and volunteers assist our members with their daily homework assignments and provide additional tutoring and study help on a needs basis.
Many of our boys and girls do not have the support at home which they need to help them with their daily homework assignments. This impedes the scholastic growth they need to achieve. We are aware that the present and long-term success of all youth will rely strongly on their educational proficiency. As such, we offer the “Power Hour” program for all our membership. Based on a review of the report cards of “Power Hour” participants at the close of the 2010-2011 school year, we found 7 percent improved to above average grades while 71 percent maintained above average grades; 16 percent maintained average grades and 4 percent improved to average grades. We are encouraged by the academic success of our participants. We are proud of the collaboration and support the Cleveland County Schools gives us on this program.